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06.24.2005by: Ammon Gilbert
I can't really understand why a movie that's undoubtedly going to be huge, has been so low-key, so so-so when it comes to early marketing, so.... anti-climatic. Especially when the movie in question is DOOM.

BlackFilm has a few new images from the film, mostly showcasing The Rock all Marined out and shit (I hope this isn't the infamous BFG he's carrying... weaksauce!). The idea of the movie, based on the awesomely gorific video game, is really awesome... but come on! It's summer time, time to get us excited about big-budget movies like this, and all they have to show for it is some weak-ass pics!

Where's the love? Does Universal see Box-Office Bomb? Or do they figure fans of the game and of The Rock himself will show up no matter what? Interesting.... very interesting... DOOM hits theaters this Fall, on October 21st!

To see the rest of the new images, click HERE.
Source: BlackFilm



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