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05.12.2009by: Jared Pacheco
If it seems like we've been covering BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE for a while now... it's becase we have. We've been tossing every update your way. From posters to stills to trailers... if it's BLOOD we're telling you about it! And today is no different! We just scored a look at the newest trailer for BLOOD over in our videos section and all you have to do is scroll down to check that out.

For a movie that doesn't have much of that instant appeal there's a lot of interesting things you can say about BLOOD from the trailers. Stylish... Artsy... Awesome... Violent.... Corny? Fact of the matter is the movie has got something going for it! Seems impossible to put your finger on it but there's something there that almost convinces you it's going to be worth watching. What do you think?

BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE deals with a vampire named Saya, who is part of covert government agency that hunts and destroys demons in a post-WWII Japan. She's inserted in a military school to discover which one of her classmates is a demon is disguise. A little badass vampire chick getting all crazy on demons... what's not to love? BLOOD comes from director Chris Nahon and is looking at a US release sometime in July.

I'd like her to suck more than my neck..

Extra Tidbit: BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE started as an anime flick.
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