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New look at American Horror Story: Freak Show featuring Neil Patrick Harris

01.06.2015by: Ryan Miller

American Horror Story

Returning tomorrow night from its little break is FX’s “American Horror Story: Freak Show” with episode 'Magical Thinking', guest starring Neil Patrick Harris. While I’ve pretty much given up on AHS, I’m sure there are still plenty of you out there looking forward to seeing how this season wraps up. So here's your first taste of what's to come as we near the end of the Freak Show!

In ‘Magical Thinking’…

Elsa (Jessica Lange) prepares for her move to Hollywood. The Twins (Sarah Paulson) grow enamored with a traveling salesman. Dell (Michael Chiklis) plots Jimmy’s (Evan Peters) escape from police custody. Directed by Michael Goi; written by Jennifer Salt.

After you take a look at the below stills, be sure to click over HERE to see a promo featuring Neil Patrick Harris.

American Horror Story Neil Patrick Harris American Horror Story Neil Patrick Harris

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