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04.15.2008by: Mike Catalano
Bring on MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN (or as it may be recently re-titled, MIDNIGHT TRAIN)! Just the other day, Eric gave us all the sweet update that the flick, directed by Ryuhei Kitamura from a short story by Clive Barker, may indeed be seeing a theatrical release and not go straight to DVD in the U.S. And now it looks like distributor, Lionsgate, is beginning to pull out all the stops to ensure that TRAIN does indeed reach the big screen.

After an extremely positive test screening last week, a brand new still from the flick has just been released in all its bloody, gruesome glory! You have to check it out below! All I have to say is, ďSign Me The F*ck Up!Ē Iíve had the desire to see this flick ever since I first watched the trailer. Now it is officially on my MUST List! Just look at that king bad ass, Vinnie Jones, swinging his aggression down on that helpless BLOOD-SOAKED blondie! If MIDNIGHT TRAINís bosses donít get it a theatrical release soon, Iím sending Vinnie after them!



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