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New Postal poster

04.15.2008by: Mike Catalano

On the same day The Arrow gave you all an exclusive clip of Uwe Bollís forthcoming (masterpiece?) POSTAL, a brand spanking new poster has been delivered our way (below). Hmm, Osama and Bush holding hands? Mini-Me waving? The bully from A CHRISTMAS STORY sporting shades and a machine gun? I smell Oscar!

Iím actually somewhat psyched for this Uwe Boll movie. Now thereís a sentence I never thought Iíd write. Itís been getting some pretty decent word of mouth and even The Arrow gave it a positive review (check it out here). Itís said to be funny, offensive, violent, and full of nudity (though some of it is male, which sucks). If only Uwe Boll wasnít such a notoriously shitty director, Iíd be completely sold. I wonder if you, the reader, is excited for this flick to come out.

POSTAL is set to release on May 23rd opposite INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL. I wonder which one people will see first?

Source: IGN.com



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