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New poster for Replace will make your skin crawl

01.16.2017by: Jake Dee

Almost two months to the day since giving you a glimpse at the trailer, we now have a new one-sheet for REPLACE, a new horror/thriller starring Barbara Crampton and Rebecca Forsythe. As you'll notice below, the latter isn't too comfy in her own skin. Then again, who is?

Co-written and directed by Norbert Keil, REPLACE gets going when:

A young woman named Kira is afflicted by a disease that causes her skin to age rapidly and crumble away. When she discovers she can replace her skin with that of another person, Kira must choose between watching her body fall apart or give into temptation, regardless of the cost.

With Lucy Aron, Sean Knopp, Adnan Maral and J. David Hinze - REPLACE still awaits an official release date. When we know of one, so will you. 

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Extra Tidbit: Remind anyone else of CONTRACTED? Or THE SKIN I LIVE IN?
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