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New poster for Spanish horror flick Paranormal Xperience 3D

09.21.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Earlier this month, we brought you the trailer for PARANORMAL XPERIENCE 3D, a new horror flick from the producers of JULIA'S EYES and THE ORPHANAGE. Now, we've got a new poster for the film, which you can peep below.

The tagline reads (roughly): "In 2010, five medical students investigated an abandoned mining town in search of paranormal evidence. They found..."

Indeed, that's what we've gathered about the plot thus far - and probably all you need to know! But here's a full synopsis for you anyway:

Angela is a medical student who thinks she is capable of everything. Diana is extremely sensitive and responsive. They are sisters and have something in common, they hate each other. Angela, pressed by the eccentric Dr. Fuentes, will investigate a series of paranormal activities happening in a town called Whisper which has its own legend, a dead murderer, Dr. Amado. Carlos, her boyfriend, Bethlehem, and Jose will accompany Toni. But she left without means of transport, and his sister has a van.

Diana has an odd assortment of epilepsy that she can not control and that makes her suffer constant attacks. His therapist believes that these attacks may be related to his sister. So Diana decides to accompany the group and face their fears as well.

When they reach the village, they discover things that could be interpreted as normal or supernatural. Diana sees the ghost of Dr. Amado after a hypnosis session, Carlos disappears, and the group is consistent with discussions between supposedly supernatural phenomena while the link Diana has with the murderer grows to the point of becoming a murderer. Angela has no choice and must face his sister and her own doubts.Is Diana owned or is it just part of her illness?

PARANORMAL XPERIENCE 3D stars Maxi Iglesias, Amaia Salamanca and Úrsula Corberó. It opens in Spain on DECEMBER 30th.

PARANORMAL XPERIENCE 3D star Amaia Salamanca

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Extra Tidbit: No word yet on a U.S. release for this one.
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