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New poster from Alien Uprising; Van Damme-starring film invades this Friday

06.17.2013by: Kevin Woods

Last week we brought you the latest trailer for Dominic Burns' ALIEN UPRISING (formerly UFO), a new sci-fi thriller that stars Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bianca Bree (Van Damme's real-life daughter), Sean Brosnan, and Simon Phillips, and today we have a look at the new poster art for the generic-titled flick, which you can check out below.

A group of friends awake one morning to find all electricity and power shut off, and an immense alien aircraft hovering in the air above their heads. Suddenly this regular group of friends is battling to survive, as the entire human race is threatened by the alien army hovering ominously above.

ALIEN UPRISING opens in select theaters & on VOD this Friday, June 21st!

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Extra Tidbit: Do you have any interest in checking out ALIEN UPRISING? Does the Van Damme appearance entice you?



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