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New promo for Zoe Saldana-starring Rosemary's Baby offers first footage

04.03.2014by: Kevin Woods

Fear is born in the latest promo for NBC's upcoming "Rosemary's Baby", a four-hour miniseries adaptation of the 1967 best-selling suspense novel by Ira Levin. This new promo offers up the first footage from the new miniseries, giving us a good look at the new Rosemary, Zoe Saldana.

This version of the story will revolve around a young married couple who move into a Paris apartment that has a haunted past. After getting pregnant, the wife becomes increasingly suspicious that both her husband and their neighbors will have ulterior motives when her child is born.

Starring alongside Saldana is Patrick J. Adams as her husband, Guy; Jason Isaacs as warlock/coven-leader Roman Castevet; Carole Bouquet as Margaux Castevet, a sophisticated and beautiful Parisian socialite who befriends young Rosemary; and Christina Cole as Julie, Rosemary’s spirited girlfriend.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be checking out "Rosemary's Baby" on NBC when it airs later this year?



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