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New Skyline poster will pull you in!

08.19.2010by: Moises Hernandez

Sucks to be human eh? Alright, I'll give two things to you. One, that was lame as hell. Two, here's a look at a new poster for the Brother's Strause's new sci-fi flick SKYLINE courtesy of Shock till you drop. 

What we see here are some mad designs on the alien suck war-ships and a lot of patience. I mean holy crap does it take some time to render up a few thousand bodies. That's where copy and paste comes handy. If you haven't heard of SKYLINE it pretty much goes something like this: After a night of partying, a group of friends are distracted when beams of light awaken everyone in Los Angeles, that then attracts every person like a moth to a flame. As the night progresses, they soon discover that once addicted to the light you vanish into thin air, as well as extraterrestrial forces that later begin to swallow the entire human race.

In my humble opinion, I'm actually diggin the poster. Sure it exploits the heart-stopper at the end of the trailer but it pretty much does the trick. For an epic sized alien invasion movie you need epic sized alien warships. If only the Brother Strause's reputation had more spizaz to build some confidence in me. You can click on the poster for a larger view and then while you're at it how you mosey on over here for another shot at that trailer!

Extra Tidbit: Strike back below with your comments and opinions over the poster. Does it grab your attention or is it definitely sucking?



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