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Record-breaking body count in new slasher anthology The Summer of Massacre!

12.03.2011by: Jared Pacheco

At first glance I dismissed the project I'm about to tell you all about. Then when I thought about it, I realized it might be something worth looking into ... and here I am!

What am I getting at? Well it's a little something called THE SUMMER OF MASSACRE, which features the 'Highest Body Count ever recorded in a film,' or so says The Guiness Book of World Records. THE SUMMER OF MASSACRE is coming at us from Breaking Glass Pictures and Vicious Circle Films with Joe Castro behind the camera. It's a five-part anthology that features 8 different psychotic killers.

The Summer of Massacre sends viewers on a tour through the mind of madness, as multiple killers strive to create the biggest and bloodiest body count imaginable. Featuring 8 killers in 5 carnage-drenched stories, The Summer of Massacre lives up to its name with the highest body count ever recorded in a film by The Guinness Book of World Records.

Ungodly brutal beatings turn Chris into a fiend that sets off a bloody rampage. Beauty is truly only skin deep - Watch a young paraplegic fight for her life as her older, beautiful sister tries to murder her.

It’s been 36 years since Jesse’s biological father raped his loving mother. Now, after hiding and running their entire lives, he has found them. A group of Christian teenagers are stalked, maimed and burned by a local legend in a haunted forest.

Three legendary serial killers terrorize downtown Los Angeles and their killer plan is to go out with a real bang.

The Summer of Massacre is a 100 mph slasher ride through the sweltering heat of summer and insanity. Packed with enough gore to turn every type of stomach, The Summer of Massacre delivers a pile of corpses that The Guinness Book of World Records has awarded “biggest body count” in all of film history.

But that's not all! Today not only do we have the details on this little romp for you guys, but we've got a poster, trailer and release date as well! I swear we spoil you sometimes... Just scroll on down below for the goods, with the trailer also up in our videos section.

Sporting a cast that includes Brinke Stevens (below), Nick Principe and Cleve Hall, THE SUMMER OF MASSACRE is set to slash it's way onto DVD and Blu-Ray on January 10, 2012. Special features will include: A director’s commentary, a behind the scenes director’s diary, interviews with Brinke Stevens, cast audition tapes, and Joe Castro’s “Childhood of Massacre” a short film furthering the bloodshed. You can go ahead and pre-order that shite now right HERE ON BLU-RAY or HERE ON DVD.


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Extra Tidbit: What are some other flicks with huge body counts that you'd recommend?



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