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New Sorority Row Stuff!

07.03.2009by: Jared Pacheco

Alright well it seems there's some news going around the net today on a 'new' poster released for Stewart Hendler's SORORITY ROW. Well I call shenanigans. This poster isn't new! Oh wait... it is... sort of. You be the judge and check that shite out below. You can click through for a larger shot.

From what I can tell the only differences are the tagline and the addiition of that nifty crossbow thing in the logo. Ohh I see it now. What an awesome poster! But not really. Well in case you failed to get excited at this new poster as well I've got even more SORORITY ROW updates for you all! Well at least I've never seen this stuff before.

First up we've got a brand new official site to check out for SORORITY ROW! Just click right over here to check that out. The site doesn't have a lot to check out... but there are some goodies there... like the stills above and below! I don't know about the rest of you but this is the first time I'm seeing these bad boys. I think I would've remembered the gorgeous Briana Evigan wielding some kind of... ax? Yeah I would've remembered that. Oh... that last shot below isn't from the film... but is of star Jamie Chung!

So there you have it! A relatively sizeable update today from SORORITY ROW, which is now hitting theaters on it's new release date of September 11th in all of it's rated R glory!

Extra Tidbit: Mark Rosman made his directing debut with 1983's THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW then went on to direct such Hilary Duff fare as THE PERFECT MAN, A CINDERELLA STORY, and even some LIZZIE MCGUIRE episodes. What happened Rosman??



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