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New stills from The Apparition offer up a very sexy Ashley Greene

11.24.2010by: Jared Pacheco

One genre flick that's kind of been floating around unnoticed is Todd Lincoln's THE APPARITION. Do you even have any idea what I'm talking about? Of course you don't. Well way back in March we got a look at some set photos from the flick and back in May we got word that the flick had swapped release dates. Other than those two updates we've heard absolutely nothing from THE APPARITION camp... until today!

You see Warner Bros. must be feeling pretty generous this Thanksgiving because they've decided to share two new stills with us from THE APPARITION and both shots feature the absolutely gorgeous Ashley Greene. Now not only do the stills show off Ms. Greene... but they show off Ms. Greene looking all sexy! Don't believe me? Scope that shite out for yourselves above and below!

The supernatural thriller follows a young couple haunted by a supernatural presence unleashed during a college experiment.

Along with Greene THE APPARITION also stars Sebastian Stan, Tom Felton and Julianna Guill. It's due to hit theaters everywhere on September 9, 2011!

Extra Tidbit: So what do you think? Can we forgive Ashley Greene (above) for being part of that whole TWILIGHT SAGA mess?
Source: Warner Bros.



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