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New stills surface for psychological thriller Retreat, starring Cillian Murphy

07.13.2011by: Eric Walkuski

We've been keeping you in the know regarding Carl Tibbets' RETREAT for some time now. The film, which sports an impressive cast including Cillian Murphy, Thandie Newton and Jamie Bell, is premiering at Fantasia next week, and we've got a handful of stills to whet your appetite for the psychological thrillride. We're definitely pumped for this one here at AITH, and we think you should be too. Have we steered you wrong in the past..? (Don't answer that!)

RETREAT finds Murphy and Newton heading to a remote island cottage to rebuild their frail marriage. When a wounded and armed stranger (Bell) shows up at their door with news about a deadly airborne virus, they must seal themselves inside the cottage, where the tension starts to escalate from psychological to physical.

RETREAT, which will be released by Sony Pictures later this year, will have its World Premiere at Fantasia on JULY 18th. For more info, click right HERE.

Extra Tidbit: The role Cillian Murphy plays was once meant for Jason Isaacs.
Source: Fantasia



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