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New teaser trailer for Do Not Watch launches its viral campaign

01.28.2013by: Lizandro Melean

Producer J.P. Ouellette released the first viral clip for DO NOT WATCH, another found footage flick a la CLOVERFIELD and we have the first look at the sweet and scary teaser trailer (below).

According to Ouellette “The film chronicles the appearance of a mysterious documentary loaded into a charred hard drive with a label warning that says ‘Do Not Watch.’ It reveals a filmmaker's pursuit into the disappearance of a demonic found footage video and the fates of those investigating it. Obsession and curiosity drive unsuspecting filmmakers to unleash a horrific force that threatens to destroy their sanity and ultimately their lives”

Everything about the movie is being kept under wraps but these 36 seconds are spooky as hell. The film had my curiosity now it has my attention!

Do Not Watch is slated for a late summer/early fall 2013 release.

Extra Tidbit: What do you think about this teaser trailer...scary or not?
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