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New Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel revving up at Lionsgate

07.29.2014by: Kevin Woods

Are you ready for Leatherface: The Teenage Years?

It looks like the saw will once again be revving back up as there may be another TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE film heading our way soon and this one is said to be another prequel, only this time it will focus on Leatherface's teenage years. Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Lionsgate, who released TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D, is back in talks to also bring the next installment of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE to theaters. The site goes on to share...

...an unidentified writer is rumored to be in talks to pen Leatherface’s “teenage years“. This would mean that Dan Yeager would not be returning as the iconic chainsaw-weilding slasher, and that it would be a sequel to Tobe Hooper’s 1974 TCM…and a prequel to last year’s TC3D.

This is strange news, indeed. But hey...it's worked for TV as A&E's hit series "Bates Motel" focuses on an angsty teenage Norman Bates. Who's to say a film following a teenaged Leatherface wouldn't work? It could certainly explain a lot about 'Face's psyche and his penchant for using chainsaws. It could very well be an interesting addition to the long-running franchise.

Hopefully we'll be hearing more on this project soon. I'm intrigued.

Extra Tidbit: What's your thoughts on this proposed new TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE entry?



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