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New trailer for After Dark's Horrorfest entry The Reeds

01.19.2010by: Ammon Gilbert
With the After Dark Horrorfest 4 hitting select theaters January 29, the marketing pace has picked up for each of the 8 film's involved this year. Yesterday we caught the new trailer for THE FINAL (HERE), and today we have a look at the new trailer for THE REEDS!

Courtesy of STYD, the new trailer (which you can see below) shows you what happens when you and your friends take a boat out into the boggy land surrounded by nothingbut reeds. Are there ghosts, demons, zombies, psychopaths, or long-lost cousins to the Children of the Corn running amok in the reeds? At this point, we don't know... and we like it that way.

Directed by Nick Cohen, THE REEDS is one of the only flicks at this year's Horrorfest from the UK, and it's (once again) looking like one of the better films. Actually, none of the entries this year look all that bad... let's hope they actually play out that way.

Have a blast with the trailer below, and get ready for THE REEDS and the seven other horror flicks hitting Horrorfest 4 in theaters January 29 (and on DVD March 23).

Extra Tidbit: Partying on a boat in the middle of nowhere is another way of saying "Here we are! Hunt us down and kill us!"
Source: STYD



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