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New trailer for Dario Argento's Dracula 3D offers an interview with the director

09.30.2010by: Jared Pacheco
Way back in May Eric gave you all the heads up that genre legend Dario Argento was planning on tackling the 'Dracula' story with DRACULA 3D. You guys remember that? Of course you do!

Well that shite has been brewing for a few months now so I think it's about time to check up on this little diddy, don't you? Today we've got a look at a nifty little teaser for the project along with a juicy interview with Argento himself! Want to hear the director talk about DRACULA 3D and all the goods? Then just scroll below to check that shite out now! Or you can click on over to our videos section. Completely up to you.

Want to rundown for DRACULA 3D? Well here's the word from Argento himself: "My Dracula will be a film full of feeling because Dracula is also sentimental... Dracula loves, hates, with strength, appeal and resolution, which reflects my way of making films." Looks like that's the best we're going to get for now.

Unfortunately nothing else on this bad boy is known but hopefully more details spring forward soon. Be sure to keep it here for all the juicy updates on DRACULA 3D as we hear them!

DRACULA 3D (2011) - Trailer & Dario Argento Interview

Dario Argento's daughter Asia Argento

Extra Tidbit: Other flicks based on 'Dracula' heading our way include VLAD, DRACULA: YEAR ZERO, FANGLAND and LAST VOYAGE OF THE DEMETER.
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