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New trailer for icy found footage thriller Frost

01.07.2014by: Eric Walkuski

Perfect timing for this new FROST trailer to hit, what with North America turning into an icy wasteland this week… But at least we're not in the predicament the folks in the film find themselves in, which involves all sorts of monstrous horrors. Peep the new trailer for FROST below; to see an older one, head over HERE.


Filmmaker Gunnar (Björn Thors) arrives at a remote glacier camp on the outskirts of the Arctic Circle to meet up with physiologist Agla (Anna Gunndís Guðmundsdóttir) to make a documentary about the research being conducted there. The next day they discover the camp mysteriously abandoned and their co-workers gone without a trace.

As darkness descends and the camp is shaken with ear-splitting shrieks and violent flashing lights, the couple bravely venture out into the vast nothingness frantically following a trail of blood in the snow in the hope that it’ll lead them to their missing colleagues, unaware of what they’ll find at the other end…

FROST hits DVD in the UK on February 10th. We're unsure right now when it comes to the states.

Extra Tidbit: Is the FROST trailer chilling your bones?



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