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New Twilight pics

08.15.2008by: Ammon Gilbert

Before I knew much about TWILIGHT, I thought it was just another run of the mill vampire love story starring a bunch of teenagers from the WB. Turns out I was right. But I was wrong about one thing... I thought no one would give a f*ck about this movie. Little did I know that a cult of teenage girls would be treating this movie like the second coming of Christ himself!

It still looks lame, and today's new batch of images proves it. Baseball uniforms? Seriously? I haven't read the source material, so this is all out of context for me, but I'm gonna go out and say that this is stupid. There, I said it. Not only stupid, but boring and stupid. But then again, I'm not a teenage girl, so maybe this is the hottest shit around.

Scroll down for the rest of this motley bunch of new photos, and get ready for the screaming (ahem, squealing) of teenyboppers everywhere when TWILIGHT hits theaters December 12th.

Source: TwilightPoison



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