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New Uncle Coffins vid

04.09.2009by: Mike Catalano

It really seems that H2's Uncle Coffins is becoming quite the overnight sensation. He's got some kind of crazy Creature Feature running during Halloween on Haddonfield's Channel 18 as well as some kind of crazy party. I wish I was going to be in Illinois this October to be able to attend. Alas, I'll be stuck in ol' Jersey (which does actually contain the REAL Haddonfield, whose name was used for the movie).

Anyways, there's a really cool new commercial starring eveyone's favorite up-and-coming skeleton, Mr. Coffins, up on the dudes MySpace page advertising one of the dudes many creature flicks, THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME. I just realized that Uncle Coffins has some kind of whack Spanish-sounding accent that just goes perfectly with his hyper persona. I suggest you click righthere to check out all the fun.

I still don't know who the heck is playing Uncle C., but I sure as hell like the cut of his jib! Tune in for tons of more H2 news in the next second!

When will we start seeing some "Annie" pics?

Extra Tidbit: Debra Hill, producer and co-writer of the 1978 HALLOWEEN, is from Haddonfield, New Jersey.
Source: MySpace



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