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New vamp in New Moon

03.31.2009by: Ammon Gilbert
In less than 8 months from now, the craze that propelled TWILIGHT into record books is happening all over again when NEW MOON hits theaters. The new entry in THE TWILIGHT SAGA started filming last week in Vancouver, yet they're still filling roles and casting parts even as we speak.

According to Variety, British actor Jamie Campbell-Bower has joined the cast of NEW MOON as a member of the Volturi, an Italy-based coven of vampires. You may have seen Campbell-Bower in such films as ROCKNROLLA and SWEENEY TODD: THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET.

This casting move doesn't surprise me one bit--the kid has the look to make the TWILIGHTers swoon and beg for more, and let's face it... he's as pale and odd looking enough to make a great vampire.

I wish there was more to report on, but that's pretty much it. NEW MOON is now filming here in the Pacific Northwest, and will be hitting theaters everywhere November 20, 2009, which is crazy to think about, but there you have it.

NEW MOON's Nikki Reed!
Extra Tidbit: Nikki Reed was in Catherine Hardwicke's THIRTEEN. That movie is seriously f*cked up--but in a good way.
Source: Variety



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