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New Walking Dead poster teases the end

03.21.2014by: Ryan Miller

I'm just going to put this out there—I've missed the last three episodes of "The Walking Dead" and I don't have the slightest idea of what's going on at this point. Where I last left the group there was a lot of walking, and then some more walking… with a little bit of extra walking thrown in there for good measure. But don't fret, boys and girls, because I plan on catching up this weekend because apparently last week's episode was the shit. Anyways, here's a new poster for the show that asks a very simple question: …who will arrive?

"The Walking Dead" ep. 4x15 'Us'

“Survivors rely on brutality and faith.”

"The Walking Dead" airs on Sunday nights on AMC, you can catch up on our latest review of the show right HERE or even take a peek at the upcoming episode HERE.

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Extra Tidbit: Are you happy with this season so far?



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