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10.21.2008by: Jared Pacheco

Sometimes a movie's production is almost as entertaining as the actual movie. Perfect example: PUNISHER: WAR ZONE. The movie still has over a month until it's release and it's been through hell and back already! First the great Tom Jane ducks out on the project because he wasn't digging the script. So we get a new Punisher, a new director, basically a new slate... and from the beginning we've been promised we're in for something brutally awesome.

Well that's yet to be seen. We almost gave up on this movie altogether when there were rumblings that it was going to be milked for a PG-13 rating. Thank God those were just rumblings. WAR ZONE is looking at a hard R and isn't looking half bad at all. I won't even get into all that drama about whether or not the director Lexi Alexander was fired. The movie seems to be on a relatively smooth media train at this point and made it's latest stop with the poster above. A pretty badass poster at that.

So far it seems all the media for WAR ZONE has been spot on. It's definatelty caught my attention, especially that badass display case they've got lounging in theaters across the country. As I said, WAR ZONE is coming from director Lexi Alexander with a script penned by Nick Santora and Art Marcum. Ray Stevenson will be attempting to fill Jane's boots as the new Punisher. The film also stars Dominic West, Cas Anvar, and Julie Benz (below). Here's the synopsis: After hunting down and killing hundreds of violent criminals, Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, faces his most deadly foe yet: Jigsaw.

So we're looking at a vintage comic villain in a hardcore action movie that looks great so far. My only gripe?... I'm still sour over no Tom Jane. I'm sorry, but Stevenson just didn't convince me over the trailers and let's face it... he's no Tom Jane. But here's hoping PUNISHER: WAR ZONE still turns out to be a sweet flick when it hits theaters everywhere December 5.

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