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New web spot hits for The Stranger, produced by Eli Roth

06.10.2015by: Cody Hamman

In anticipation of the film's VOD and limited theatrical release on June 12th, distributor IFC Midnight has made available a short new web promo for writer/director Guillermo Amoedo's THE STRANGER.

The synopsis:

...a mysterious man arrives in a small town seeking his wife, but his unwelcome presence and what he finds instead soon plunges the community into a bloodbath.

Eli Roth, with whom Amoedo co-wrote AFTERSHOCK, THE GREEN INFERNO, and KNOCK KNOCK, was a producer on the supernatural thriller, which stars Lorenza Izzo, Ariel Levy, Aaron Burns, and Cristobal Tapia Montt.

I know very little about THE STRANGER, but I always check out everything Roth is involved with, and judging by the web promo and the trailer this appears to be a unique take on vampirism with a wonderfully dark, moody tone. Sign me up!

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching THE STRANGER this weekend?
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