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New Wicker Pics

06.15.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
Earlier this week we saw the latest creepy-ass poster for this September's THE WICKER MAN remake, starring Nicolas Cage. Today we now have a few new pics from the film, wich is looking to duplicate the look of the first WICKER MAN.

And by duplicate, I mean the WICKER MAN below looks pretty much like the WICKER MAN from the original- but what do you expect? A totally different looking WICKER MAN? I think not. They have a good look, and they're sticking with it- gotta admire that.

The flick also stars Kate Beahan (pictured), Ellen Burstyn and the beautiful Leelee Sobieski. Everything I've seen of this remake so far points to good times ahead, let's just hope it doesn't let us down! Watch for THE WICKER MAN in theaters September 1st. And stick around, as I'm sure more new pics will flowing be in soon enough.

Source: AITH



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