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Nice Possum Walk tease

05.06.2009by: Mike Catalano

Hot damn! We’ve got ourselves a live one here! Remember last week when I first called your attention to a whacked-out piece of religious horror called POSSUM WALK? If so, then good memory! If not, well, who cares?! Because all that matters is the brand new teaser I’m telling you about right now!

I honestly should have known that this teaser was going to rock from the get-go upon viewing the awesome animate for its production company, Horrorphile Entertainment. From there, we get a two-minute roller coaster filled with bloodied bodies and crazed characters. This is definitely one to watch. And you can do so by clicking right here for the Fango exclusive.

But first, treat your eyes to the flick’s plot: In small towns like Possum Walk, secrets can be hard to keep. For Faith Carpenter, her secret could be downright deadly: She’s pregnant…and a virgin. Her father—a local preacher with dark, violent secrets of his own—tightens his grip on her, driving a wedge between them. But both of them will have to put aside their differences to deal with the darkest secret Possum Walk has ever known: a serial killer who has chosen the little town to be his bloodiest venue yet.

Mark my words, this POSSUM is going to be worth catching. Hopefully, we’ll be hearing something from writer/director Jeremy Sumrall about a release date soon. Shooting has already begun with a cast that includes Maggie Conwell, Parrish Randall, Danielle Jones, Keli Wolfe, Jessica Jecker (bloody, semi-nude chick up top), Kristen Hall, Shannon Cox, Jennifer Peebles, and Tyler Tackett.

Extra Tidbit: I never thought THE EXORCIST (the epitome of religious horror) was scary.
Source: Fangoria



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