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Night on Speed

01.06.2006by: Matt Withers

Remember that very spedcial epidsode of FAMILY TIES back in the mid-80's when Alex P. Keaton got addicted to speed so that he could keep up with his hectic schedule. Man those were good times. Which is why I'm so psyched for the NIGHT WATCH clips Dread Central caught today.

It's the whole freaking film in hyper-speed. Think dinner, movie, quick kiss, slap when you try for more, and then clearing out your bank account for a hooker you can't afford all in one sweet, swift nugget.

If you've missed all the hype about this Russian flick so far then here's the skinny: The story is that of two clans of people, those who control the night and those who control the day. Several centuries ago a truce was formed between the two groups to keep everyone safe. In present day Moscow, however, a certain prophecy is getting ready to come into fruition and both sides have their own stake in the outcome.

Now go check out one of the most original movie promo's you're likely to have the chance to enjoy.

Source: Dread Central



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