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Nightlight, a new supernatural thriller shines down on first cast members

06.27.2012by: Jake Dee

From Herrick Entertainment comes a new supernatural thriller called NIGHTLIGHT, for which the first wave of casting has washed in. See if you recognize any of these names...

Variety has it that youngsters Shelby Young (below), Chloe Bridges (right), Carter Jenkins, Mitch Hewer and Taylor Murphy have all been assigned to NIGHTLIGHT, a flick written and directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods. The duo previously oversaw the MTV series "Spread."

NIGHTLIGHT revolves around five teens and a prank that goes awry over the course of one long night. Story will be told from a singular point of view.

Sounds fun, if familiar. The single POV angle sounds intriguing though, not sure exactly how that'll work.

We should have more in the weeks to come, as the flick recently wrapped in Utah. Norton Herrick and Darren Brandl produced.

Extra Tidbit: Ever see mysterious Nightlights in the woods?
Source: Variety



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