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Nightmarish thriller Spiderhole to finally get some North American love

02.15.2011by: Eric Walkuski

I've been writing about SPIDERHOLE since early 2009; my last article came during the Cannes Film Festival last year, when the horror flick was acquired by UK distributor Soda Pictures, but at the time there was no news on when the film would get a proper release. Obviously it's been quite on that front ever since, and I had all but forgotten about it (as it sometimes happens in this biz). However, it would appear as though the Dan Simpson movie is not quite through with us yet...

Via Screen Daily we learn that SPIDERHOLE has found a North American distributor in the form of IFC Films. No release date has been announced yet; knowing IFC, they'll unveil the flick on VOD before any theatrical showings.

Emma Griffiths Malin, Reuben Henry-Biggs, Amy Noble and George Maguire star in the film as four art students whose utopian ideal of living as squatters turns into a nightmare when they discover their apparently abandoned mansion is concealing a hidden terror.

We'll keep you in the loop when we hear more regarding this creepy crwaler. For now give the groovy trailer - and one of the movie's hot babes - a look below.

Emma Griffiths Malin

Extra Tidbit: Gotta love a movie with the tagline "Be careful where you squat."
Source: Screen Daily



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