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Nispel's next 2 flicks

02.03.2009by: Mike Catalano
FRIDAY THE 13TH and TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE remake maestro, Marcus Nispel (right), has already begun speaking about whatís next on his plate. And this time, the director is looking to do something completely original. In fact, itís two something originals. Take a peak at what Nispel is hoping to sink his teeth into:

The first one sounds to be a bit more psychological suspense than horror. Hereís how Nispel describes it: "There's a movie that I'm interested in. A great movie about cloning, it's called IMMACULATE CONCEPTION. A girl gets pregnant, doesn't know why. You think it goes like ROSEMARYíS BABY, but it's not a horror movie, though. You find out that she's part of an experiment. A splinter group of the church found a rusty old nail in the hills of Golgotha and they've harvested the DNA they believe is from Jesus Christ. It's like MARATHON MAN or COMA."

And hereís how Nispel describes number two, title POD, which definitely seems to be rocking a more horror-esque vibe: "It's dealing with a huge fascination of mine - the seven sub-levels under Manhattan. When they dig deep they find something they shouldn't have."

Wow, these both sound like very interesting entries for a director with a real eye for cool visuals and suspense. I canít wait to hear more on íem (especially that POD one). You know Iíll be keeping my ears and eyes open.

Extra Tidbit: Nispel also directed 2007's PATHFINDER.
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