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No Cowboys for Christ?

04.10.2008by: Jared Pacheco
Back in November, Eric last updated you on the WICKER MAN sequel/remake/copycat: COWBOYS FOR CHRIST.

Mind you, I'm talking about a sequel/remake/copycat to the original WICKER MAN, not the Nick Cage starring 2006 remake. The difference between this possible remake and the 2006 one? This one was actually going to be done by Robin Hardy, the same dude who directed the original.

In case this is the first time your hearing about COWBOYS FOR CHRIST, here's the skinny: The film follows the experiences of a Christian couple from Texas who travel to a Scottish village to enlighten the locals in the ways of Jesus. Initially welcomed with open arms, it soon becomes clear that the community has sinister plans for their new guests.

COWBOYS FOR CHRIST was all set to go last month in Scotland, with Christoper Lee and Joan Collins set to star and Robin Hardy writing, directing, and producing.

Alas, this was not meant to be.

STV.TV are reporting that COWBOYS FOR CHRIST has been shelved due to 'financing problems.' The Dumfries and Galloway council issued a statement that confirmed the producers cancelled the shoot because of last minute problems with financing.

Councillor Gill Dykes finds this situation "bitterly disappointing." He stated that around 90 cast and crew members were already booked into local hotels for a 4 week shoot.

So what happens to COWBOYS FOR CHRIST now? Who knows, but we'll keep you updated.

The gorgeous star of the 2006 WICKER MAN remake - Leelee Sobieski

Source: STV.TV



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