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No Right Turn slide show

06.13.2007by: Scott Carmichael

That's right folks it's a good ole fashioned slide show, much like the ones shown in health class when you were in high school. Except now when you get that embarrassing hard on, you don't have to hide it from anyone. Wait, that didn't happen to you? Yah, it never happened to me either. I don't even know why I said that; hey, look over there!

As I was saying, you can check out a slide show below filled with some very surreal stills and cool music that give you a feel for what the film NO RIGHT TURN is all about.

Written and directed by David Noel Bourke, NO RIGHT TURN is a fairy tale like thriller that has  pretty complex plot, so try to follow. Nina is the voluptuously alluring girlfriend of Johnny, a charming but delusional crook. To escape from her weary life she casually sleeps with an old friend, Teddy, but is fed up of her current lifestyle especially the drunken dreams of Johnny. One night after an argument with Johnny, she storms home where she is abducted by a pair of thugs and is fortunately rescued by a timid and guilt-ridden girl, Monella. Even though they are from two very different worlds, they quickly become close friends and sooth each other lives. Johnny hearing about Nina's ordeal with the thugs, sadly attempts to win her heart back by going on a crazy revenge spree. This scares Nina off even more. Nina eventually tells Monella of her ploy of escaping from Johnny’s seedy world by conspiring to steal his much talked about hidden stash, stored in a safety deposit box deep in the neon city. Monella reluctantly agrees to help...and we follow each of their dangerously entangled lives until their ultimate and timely fate.

Whoa, I'm a little light headed after all that, but that seems like the state of mind to be in when checking out this trippy little feature. So peep the new slide show below, and if you like what you see make sure and jump over to the official site to see more NO RIGHT TURN stills and a teaser trailer. 

Source: AITH



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