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NOES in Gary church

05.22.2009by: Ammon Gilbert

According to The Times, production of the upcoming Platinum Dunes remake of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST. is going to take a break from filming on location in Chicago to film acouple of scenes from one of the scariest looking old churches in the country - the City Methodist Church in Gary, Indiana!

Just looking about the images from the church, and you can see why they decided on this particular church for their setting. It's just scary looking... and totally awesome. I wish I lived down the street from that thing. Just think how crazy Halloween gets in that neighborhood!

Filming is set to begin at the church today for an undertermined amount of time--but if you're lucky, and you live in the area, you'll no doubt be able to scope some of the production through the weekend. If I lived within 100 miles of Gary, I'd be thinking road trip right about now!

Surprisingly enough, except for a few lame-ass music videos, this particular church hasn't been used in any horror films before. Wow. I'm floored, yo!

To check out the details, click HERE, and keep it here for all of your NOES remake updates as we hear 'em!

Extra Tidbit: Gary is the fifth largest city in Indiana, with a population of 10,274.
Source: The Times



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