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NOES on Big Screen?

08.15.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
I'm sorry, I think I just made a mess of my shorts- this news is that speem worthy! Are you a fan of Freddy? Specifically the original Wes Craven masterpiece A NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST.? If you are, then hold onto your butts- it looks as though New Line Cinema is releasing NOES on the big screen September 20th & 21st!!!

In preparation for the upcoming Special Edition DVD, New Line is releasing NOES: Special Edition in select theaters across the country for 2 nights only as a sneak peak of the new DVD. Much like Universal did for the release of the unrated LAND OF THE DEAD on DVD last October.

Seeing as how I was just a kid (and a small kid at that) when NOES hit theaters back in '84, this is the perfect opportunity to check it out on the big screen- and in it's remastered, special edition form too! I'm sure there are theaters in college towns across America that feature the original print of NOES at midnight movie screenings, but is it remastered and better than ever? No way! Given, the grainy quality of old prints does bring on the nostalgia in me, but the remastered versions are just so much cleaner and crisper in quality!

Playing ONLY September 20th and 21st at 8pm both nights, be sure to check your local listings, call the manager of your favorite movie house and make sure you have your tickets, as I have a feeling they're going to go fast! That, or visit FANDANGO (I'll get the popcorn) to pre-order your tickets now! What are you waiting for???

Thanks to Phatmaster for the heads up!
Source: Fandango



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