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Nosferatu restoration gets an awesome poster and trailer

10.04.2013by: Eric Walkuski

A new restoration of F.W. Murnau's NOSFERATU is headed to the UK for Halloween, and a new poster and trailer have surfaced, which you can see here. Unfortunately, we're not sure if this movie will travel the rest of the globe, although it's almost certain to, it's only a question of when.

If you're lucky enough to be in the UK for this event, however, you can head over to BFI's official site to look at showtimes/locations.

In this first-ever screen adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula, a simple real-estate transaction leads an intrepid businessman deep into the superstitious heart of Transylvania. There he encounters the otherworldly Count Orlok portrayed by the legendary Max Schreck, in a performance the very backstory of which has spawned its own mythology who soon after embarks upon a cross-continental voyage to take up residence in a distant new land... and establish his ambiguous dominion.

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Source: BFI



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