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NOTLD in 3D!

09.16.2009by: Ammon Gilbert
Well folks, it's officially official. George A. Romero's NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is going to be remade... again... in 3D... again. Say what? According to The Hollywood Reporter, a new 3D / CGI heavy film is now in the works, without any involvement of Romero himself.

Some of you might remember the ill-attempt at redoing the film in 3D a few years ago with actor Sid Haig in the lead roll. According to most, that movie blew ass, so of course that means it's fair game to try and do it again, but do it right this time, right?

But this time it's a little different. This NOTLD is an origins tale, and is titled as such, NOTLD: ORIGINS. You may be wondering, what origins? There is no origins to this movie. Ah.... not so. NOTLD: ORIGINS will update the tale partially by bringing out the characters' backstories and make what he called "an American-style anime."

Written (along with David R. Schwartz) and directed by Zebediah de Soto and produced by Simon West and Simon West Productions president Jib Polhemus, the new flick is going to be a true re-imaging of the original... but really, from the sounds of it, it's simply going to be a "prequel" to the original, and not necessarily a remake. That, or it's going to be a mix of both.

I'm gonna go on record and say this is a ridiculous idea. Another NOTLD movie? Why not change things in the script a bit and call it something else? Zombies are hot right now, you don't need to slap it with a NOTLD to make it a hit. And 3D? I'm a fan, but considering NOTLD 3D was such crappola, why try and do it again? Then again, maybe they'll do it right this time.

Stick around for more news and updates on NOTLD: ORIGINS as we hear it.

NOTLD 3D's Briana Brown!
Extra Tidbit: This project will be Zebediah de Soto's first feature film.
Source: THR



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