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Number 23 poster

11.21.2006by: Scott Carmichael

Every time I hear about this movie, I begin to think that it might actually be really cool. First there was a wicked trailer on Yahoo movies found here, and now this cool-ass poster.

I'm not sure what it is about some posters that make me want to see a movie, or why every semester I dish out tons of cash on buying new ones at the university poster sale, but whatever the case may be, this poster makes me want to see NUMBER 23.

For those of you first hearing about this film, it stars Jim Carrey as a man who finds a book entitled 'The Number 23', and as he reads this book he realizes that it's about his life. What's worse is that the book speaks of a horrible murder that will occur, but hasn't taken place yet.

The film's being directed by Joel "I destroyed the Batman franchise until Christopher Nolan saved it" Schumacher and will be released on February 23.

Source: AOL Moviefone



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