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Oblivion's first trailer lives up to the hype

12.10.2012by: Ike Oden

Tom Cruise! Alien things! Morgan Freeman in sunglasses! These are just a few of the sights to behold in the first trailer for OBLIVION.

Joseph Kosinski's follow-up to TRON: LEGACY looks like a post-apocalyptic feast for the eyes and mind. I'm detecting shades of PLANET OF THE APES, WALL-E, THE TIME MACHINE, and MOON within the framing of an action packed Tom Cruise vehicle. Plus, with William Monahan, Michael Arndt, and Carl Gajdusek co-writing, the flick will surely have some original ideas of its own to bring to the table.

OBLIVION, based off a comic by Kosinski and Arvid Nelson, hits theaters in IMAX April 12th with a wide release planned for April 19th. It stars Cruise, Olga Kurylenko, Zoe Bell, Morgan Freeman, and Melissa Leo. Check out the trailer below and prepare to be wowed.

Extra Tidbit: Olga Kurylenko (above) has come a long way in the acting department since QUANTUM OF SOLACE, in my opinion...



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