Ohio theater accidentally traumatizes Inside Out audience with Insidious 3

Several kids at Ohio's Middletown movie theater had their worlds turned inside out yesterday when the theater ran INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 instead of the scheduled film, Pixar's INSIDE OUT. According to a local mother:

Images of children being tied up and murdered appeared on the screen, and the children with her became terrified at the sights and sounds... 

“I got our money back but the damage is already done … my children are terrified and keep asking questions.”

The parents in the audience were quick to scoop up their children in the middle of what actually sounds like a hysterical retelling of the SINISTER 2 trailer (out in theaters August 21st!), so there was no harm done. Also, the theater granted them free passes to a 3D showing of the Pixar film so, considering how much those tickets cost nowawadays, they might as well have struck gold. 

Although I do wonder what sorts of questions her kids were asking. Maybe "Why isn't Ethan Hawke in this one?" or "How does Blumhouse expect to make money on their third consecutive ghost feature this summer?" Poor naïve little children. Blumhouse will always make money.

To be fair to the theater, INSIDE OUT and INSIDIOUS 3 are remarkably easy to mix up. Both begin with the letters "INSID," and both center on a young girl going through a major life change. I mean, one is moving to San Francisco and the other is battling an undead ghoul with a gas mask who wants to possess her soul, but the gist is the same. Where the real story is is, who are the parents who didn't bundle their kids out of the theater and sat down for a nice, wholesome PG-13 haunting? 

Extra Tidbit: Would you show Insidious: Chapter 3 to your kids?
Source: Journal-News



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