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Old #7 & Maiden!

08.06.2009by: The Arrow

Its getting closer to D day for director Gonzalo Lopez producer Javier Rueda and I; the day where our short film OLD NUMBER 7 will premiere at this year's SITGES FILM FESTIVAL. And we got a bit of good news to keep us going till we get there.

Iconic band IRON MAIDEN has approved our usage of one of their songs (Face in the Sand) in our film; granted its for film festival showings only and not commercial usage but hey man, it's f*cking Maiden and we couldn't be happier. Hopefully by the time distribution knocks on our door, we'll scrounge up enough money to use the song there as well.

Here's what Lopez had to say about the news: "To me, music is what makes the difference between cinema and movies; I would say it is as important as the actors and the lighting. So to have a whole sequence put together with Iron Maiden music, one of the best rock bands EVER (perhaps the best) is an honor and a challenge. I can can only be at the top of my game since I will use it in the prologue of the movie to establish the tone, characters, story and to try to make the audience feel what they need to feel. It's almost as if it will be included in a movie within a movie, a horror Bond intro sequence if you may. You will see."

And here's what I have to say: YEEHAW! IRON MAIDEN was my first concert ever and the first band I ever worshiped (yup the horror covers got my attention then the music kept me there...to this day). Gonzalo and I actually wrote the OLD NUMBER 7 screenplay while listening to Maiden, so having one of their songs in the actual film - if only for Festival usage (for now) - feels so damn right!

Here's the OLD NUMBER 7 SYNOPSIS: Roy (John Fallon), a no nonsense kind of guy, arrives from the United States in Barcelona (Spain.) Hes there to confront his wife Mariona (Saida Lamas - pictured left), who aborted their baby without his consent, and to clear the air with his brother Gonzalo (Sergio Bernal) who has since began an intimate relationship with his wife. Unbeknown to all of them though, there is a ruthless killer at large and powerful supernatural forces looming around them.

The flick was produced by Gonzalo Lopez (Sweet Water Pictures), Aved Productions and myself and expect more Number 7 goodies sooner than later!


Source: AITH



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