Old Arnie meets young Arnie in a new Terminator Genisys clip

It sort of seems like Paramount Pictures is determined to make sure that TERMINATOR GENISYS will hold no surprises for audience members by the time it reaches theatres on July 1st, giving away twists and already showing off the moments viewers would be most interested in seeing.

Case in point is the clip they've released today, which shows how a moment that has been teased in previous marketing materials plays out. It's a recreation of a scene from the beginning of the original, 1984 THE TERMINATOR with the nude Arnold Schwarzenegger of thirty-one years ago demanding that a group of punks hand over their clothes. The scene we know gets interrupted by modern day Arnold Schwarzenegger as GENISYS's version of the Terminator cyborg, who has been waiting to destroy his doppelganger.

I can't say I'm impressed with this clip. It's a given that any actors cast as the punks wouldn't be able to live up to the original's Bill Paxton and Brian Thompson, but things really go bad when the younger Arnie is challenged by his older self. He becomes a charging CGI creation that just looks goofy. 

I was looking forward to seeing what happens in this scene, and the answer let me down. Hopefully it gets better once the Arnolds collide.

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