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Oldboy redo still on

06.26.2009by: Eric Walkuski

Even a speedbump the size of a legal lawsuit can't stop the OLDBOY remake from moving forward. Listen, I'm not prepared to explain to you the intricacies of a court battle going on between the publisher of the original OLDBOY manga (comic, to you) and the company that made the Chan-Wook Park film. All I know is that it looked, for a moment there, like this legal wrangling would halt the proposed remake from Steven Spielberg and Will Smith. Well, not even the hollering of a million fanboys will stop this runaway money train.

Reuters has an article HERE detailing the ins and outs of the lawsuit. Essentially, the Manga company never told the Movie company that they could sell the rights to Universal so they could remake it. (Hey, look at that, I summed it up perfectly... I think; read the Reuters article anyway.) Making things weirder: the production company of the OLDBOY movie has shut down, and its CEO has disappeared. Guess it's hard to bring a broken-down company and a missing person to court, eh?

All of this is moot, because Dreamworks - having acquired the rights to the remake from Universal - is moving forward. No new developments on that front, but the fact that it hasn't been shut down makes me groan... Isn't it incredible that all this bullshit is going down for something that is completely unnecessary?! Ah Hollywood, how I loathe thee...

Extra Tidbit: I'm a guy who still manages to get excited for new Spielberg films, yet I can't at all look forward to this picture... That said, I guess it's preferable to when Justin Lin (FAST & FURIOUS) was attached.
Source: Reuters



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