Olga Kurylenko to become a fembot in Android

ANDROID, the upcoming sci-fi thriller from WHITE NOISE's Niall Johnson (co-written with Matt O'Reilly), is booting up with an impressive actress in the lead role. The sultry, stunning Olga Kurylenko will be taking the title role and menacing the audiences she used to seduce.

Kurylenko is probably best known as the Bond Girl from QUANTUM OF SOLACE, but she has had a successful modeling career since age thirteen and has appeared in films like the video game adaptation HITMAN, OBLIVION with Tom Cruise, and THE WATER DIVINER with Russell Crowe. Her connection to horror/thriller films is sparse, but she did appear in the PARIS JE T'AIME segment directed by CUBE auteur Vincenzo Natali.

ANDROID is an intense sci-fi thriller about the lines we cross, and the price we pay to fulfil our desires. On a lonely spaceship orbiting Neptune, Mason Anders fulfils his dream to rebuild his dead wife, Beth (Kurylenko), and their son, Spencer, as androids. But when the androids begin demanding a life of their own, Mason's life is suddenly in danger.  A battle of wits and strength ensues.  Will Mason prevail against the superior intellect and abilities of the androids, and can he make the ultimate sacrifice and destroy his family to save humanity?

Awesome! That plot sounds part EX MACHINA, part 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, and part THE MAN WITH TWO BRAINS. Familial grief is a frequently plumbed source for excellent horror material, and as long as the budget is in place, this space age thriller could be wonderfully exciting.

ANDROID will begin shooting at Infinite Studios Singapore in February 2016.


Extra Tidbit: What Bond Girl would you want to see in a horror flick?



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