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Olivia Thirlby set to battle aliens in The Darkest Hour

04.06.2010by: Jared Pacheco

Last month we heard about an alien flick coming our way from director Chris Gorak called THE DARKEST HOUR. You guys remember that? Well let me refresh your memory.

DARKEST HOUR is described as a sci-fi thriller that follows a group of kids struggling to survive in Russia after an alien invasion. The only other details we were given on the flick was that Les Bohem and Jon Spaihts had penned the script. Today I've got a little bit more for you all! It seems THE DARKEST HOUR has scored it's first star in the lovely Olivia Thirlby!

The news comes from The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog, which states that Thirlby will be playing 'a trust fund girl trying to survive the attack who teams up with others to try to defeat the invaders.' Will Thirlby be our 'survivor girl?' It's looking like it! Thirlby (pictured) can be seen in JUNO, THE WACKNESS and the upcoming JACK AND DIANE.

So that's all we've got for THE DARKEST HOUR right now but with the thing set to start filming in Moscow this Summer you can bet we'll be hearing more soon! As always be sure to keep it here for updates as we hear them.

Extra Tidbit: WANTED director Timur Bekmambetov is serving as a producer for THE DARKEST HOUR.
Source: Heat Vision



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