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Olivia Williams, Matthew Modine topline UK horror Altar

01.22.2014by: Kevin Woods

Don't ya just hate it when you buy a new place only to later learn that it was the site of a ritualistic murder? That's just one of the problems that a family will face in the new UK horror film ALTAR, which was written and directed by NEVERLAND director Nick Willing and is currently shooting in Yorkshire.

ALTAR stars Olivia Williams, Matthew Modine, Antonia Clarke, Adam Thomas Wright and Steve Oram (who was nothing short of fantastic in Ben Wheatley's SIGHTSEERS) and follows...

... a family who move into a remote English country estate, where it is rumoured the original owner killed his wife in a demonic ritual.

I'm sure the rumor ends up being true...either that or we'll have one boring flick on our hands.

According to Screen Daily, Content has walked up to ALTAR, securing worldwide rights on the film.

ALTAR is still in production. More news as it comes our way!

Source: Screen Daily



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