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Olivia Williams set to investigate murders in David Ayer's action-thriller Ten

08.21.2012by: Jake Dee

At first glance, TEN hardly looks like AITH material. But when you consider that the title refers to the TEN little Indians killed off one by one in Agatha Christie's classic tale, which the film is based on, not to mention the presence of Arnie the Schwarz...we're all over this sumbitch!

And so here's some casting news for you. Last month we let you know Sam Worthington had joined the cast of TEN, now word has dropped that Olivia Williams (seen right) has suited up as well. Williams will play a tenaciously cutthroat detective who's investigating the team murders.

From director David Ayer, scripted by Skip Woods:

TEN is a testosterone-heavy riff on Agatha Christie's "Ten Little Indians," the film follows an elite DEA task force that robs a dangerous drug cartel under the guise of a tactical raid on one of its safe houses. They think they've gotten away with millions in merch, until team members begin getting bumped off one by one.

Terrence Howard, Dawn Olivieri and Joe Manganiello are also set to star in TEN, which looks to kick-off this October in Atlanta.

Extra Tidbit: Olivia Williams in RUSHMORE all damn day!
Source: THR



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