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Omen curse real?

05.31.2006by: Matt Withers
SciFi Wire posted some onset stories from director John Moore that indicate even the remake suffers from the oft mentioned OMEN curse. My first thought is that it serves them right. Not from a faith standpoint, just from a why'd you remake the damned thing standpoint.

My second thought is that it certainly won't hurt their marketing to get some good 'ole fashioned we were cursed for real stories out into the ether.

My third thought has to do with beer, Cheez-Wiz and a 34 5/8 year-old Malaysian lady, but that's personal, so let's just focus on one of Moore's stories:

"...the day we shot the scene where Thorn [Liev Schreiber] cuts the kid's hair revealing the 666 and then has a huge fight with Baylock [Mia Farrow]. It was a huge day of filming...but we nailed it. So we went out and had a few beers, and we got a call on Saturday that every single frame of the 13-and-a-half thousand feet of film we shot had been destroyed in the lab."

Moore added: "...no one had ever heard of this amount of film being damaged. You lose a roll or you get a scratch on a take, but the film was literally torn in half! For 13-and-a-half thousand feet. We lost every single piece of the day's work, on the day that we were revealing the 666? Come on!"

It certainly sounds creepy, if true, and there are two other stories that you can check out by reading the full article.

Meanwhile I'm going to ponder the sad fact that I'm more cynical about the intentions of Hollywood marketing then I am about Satan.

Source: SciFi Wire



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