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Outlaw vs Werewolves

03.18.2009by: Eric Walkuski

You've got to love Production Weekly and their vague Twitter updates. (If you know not of what I speak, click HERE.) Their latest is about a project called HIGH MOON, which sounds like something John Carpenter might enjoy...

In Eddie Nickerson's horror Western "High Moon" a reckless outlaw is a small town’s only hope for survival from a vicious band of werewolves.

This could be cool if the right man is cast as the outlaw, but mixing the western and horror genres has proven difficult in the past. Look at SKINWALKERS. (Or don't and just take my word for it - it blows.) I'm not quite sure who Eddie Nickerson is, but let's hope he has conjured up something unique here, and not just an idea headed for the Sci-Fi channel...

Extra Tidbit: Rhona Mitra (from SKINWALKERS) received breast implants so she could be a convincing Lara Croft model. Yes...
Source: Prod. Weekly



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