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Outpost quad shot

04.29.2008by: Ammon Gilbert

The last time we heard from OUTPOST, it was sunny, warm, and in the middle of July (check it out HERE), but I'm happy to report that while it's been WAY too long, the new UK quad poster is pretty sweet and well worth the wait!

Since it's been awhile, here's a recap of what OUTPOST is all about: [The film] follows a crack team of battle-hardened mercenaries on a routine mission to protect a mysterious businessman through the no-man's land of war-torn Eastern Europe. However, after he leads them to a long forgotten, underground outpost, they unwittingly reawaken a lurking terror that soon changes their mission from one of safe-guarding, to one of survival, as they desperately battle an enemy even they've never faced before.

Experimental Nazi zombies... I don't know if you could find a scarier bad guy than that! Yikes! The new poster seems to sum it up pretty well, as there's nothing scarier than a troop of Nazis... that is, unless it's a troop of zombie Nazis!

I've heard nothing but good things about this flick, best describing it as a mix between DOG SOLDIERS and HOSTEL -- considering both those movies rocked the casbah, I'd say OUTPOST is aiming to knock us outta the park!

To check out an even larger version of the poster, click HERE, and stick around as we wait for the release date announcement, which should (hopefully) be coming soon.

Source: IMPawards



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